Friday, September 26, 2008

Assuring Math Understanding

Lisa VanDamme has a new essay about teaching math at the Objective Standard blog! Please head on over and read it and remember that understanding, not pure memorization, is a goal of math (not that the kids don't need memorization, but they need to know why the algorythms work).


Deb said...

My husband David is an industrial mathematician and has written this article about the Math Wars and math education.

The article hinges on an understanding of the Objectivist theory of concepts. His main point is that while the "New Math" as taught in schools emphasizes understanding over rote memorization, that not making kids memorize the basic algorithms has resulted in their later not having the tools to understand higher math conceptually.

Hope you enjoy the article! I read it every so often and because my kids are always at a new stage, it always gives me new insight.

Kim said...

It's a great article, Deb! I think it really captures the problems of the constructivist approach.