Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two Movies that I Enjoyed

Now you all know that I have a baby at home, so I don't get to go out often. But I do rent movies frequently. I belong to Blockbuster online and that's worked out well for us (as long as you think having a constant stream of movies to watch is OK). I've tried renting movies for adults (and by that I don't mean what you're thinking--I mean movies that would not generally be suitable for the kids) and just never get time to watch them. There were two movies I rented recently that I enjoyed very much. Now these were rentals that were probably in the movie theaters, but that I never heard of or wasn't sure it would be OK for the kiddies. I hope you'll forgive me if it's old news!

Penelope and Stardust I found very enjoyable. Penelope is about an heiress born with a pig's face after her family was cursed. Similar to Ella Enchanted, but modern, more sentimental, and a good ending. Stardust is about a boy on a mission only to discover his true desires and himself along the way. Both movies have a lot of star power.

Stardust is a bit more risque, has elements of a steam-punk influence in one part, and is a bit violent. I did let my 9 year old and almost 7 year old watch it, but that may not have been the wisest choice. There's magic, a quick tryst which leads to the main character, humor about stereotypical foppish behavior, death, death, and more death (though no blood and most done in an over-the-top theatrical way), humor about death, three witches, a little more innuendo of sex, etc. There is no explicit sex (kissing and hugging and then waking up in bed together).

I really recommend both of the movies. Penelope is much more acceptable for younger kids, but the movie Stardust was good and I think you may want to share it with your older children.

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LB said...

I really disliked Stardust. I wanted to like it - I loved the sets, the fantasy aspects, and Claire Danes, but even with all that, I found it disappointing. I couldn't decide if Robert DeNiro was funny or just plain scary.