Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm still around!

We've been working hard reorganizing the school room. I need to fit in all the new books I bought from library sales and clear out four shelves. Why clear shelves? So I don't have to watch the baby remove book after book after book from the bottom-most shelves while I'm trying to teach the girls. We've hit the mobility stage! He started crawling about two weeks ago and over the last week has bloomed into a real mover and shaker. Boy, do I have to vacuum more! Not that I do, I just should.

He's too quick for me. I have woefully underestimated his desire to get around.

I hope I can actually do as much as I planned.

Homeschooling-wise I've made a big change this year. I switched math curriculum. I have been using Saxon for the last two years. Correction! I've used Saxon for the first four months of the last two years and then stopped using it altogether and relied instead on intermittent instruction from me and a lot of worksheets (thank you SuperKids). I bought Singapore Math this year. My eldest will be 'entering' fourth grade this year and my youngest daughter will be 'in' second grade (though only in Connecticut and New York--any other state and her age would make her a very old first grader). Because Singapore Math introduces subjects on a different (more advanced) timeline, I ordered all of the required books for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. Starting each of the kids a year behind seems like it might be a good fit. This worries me a little (label-wise and going backward, not forward) but overall I'm more concerned with their understanding and I believe that Singapore will advance them more quickly in the long run even if they stay a level behind.

I did order the homeschool manual for first (1A) and third (3A) grade (to get an idea of what it contains, figure out if it does help me--since I'm pretty comfortable with teaching math, and decide if I really want it for the others). So far I've seen some things I like (the emphasis on concretes early on) and some things I don't (all of the attention mental math gets--I couldn't gave a rat's ass if my kid can subtract three-digit numbers in her head).

I also ordered the Writing with Ease book by Susan Wise Bauer. Apparently I ordered it three times. Yep! THREE times! I must have had one of those mommy-moments and pressed the 'buy' button a lot. And then I didn't notice the cost was wrong. And then I didn't bother checking the quantity in the order confirmation. So I've got a lot of copies.

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