Monday, August 11, 2008

6 Things...

Thanks to Lynne, I have a reason to post!

Thanks also to Lynne, now anyone still visiting can find out 6 things people don't know about me. Woe unto you. I think this is going to be really hard, but let's see what I can come up with.

1. I can't entertain adults. I host the most awful parties imaginable. One was a sit down dinner. I cooked a roast beef that was hardly cooked at all. I had an 'open house' type Christmas party with those buffet-style sterno trays and everything dried out. We had a few new people over and I forgot to move my daughter's potty chair out of the living room (it seemed like a logical location at the time since she was just getting the hang of it) and she pooped in the living room with everyone around (she was a stealthy one--she tried on her own and I didn't even know she was going because I was talking to someone)--AND MISSED THE POTTY! We had a retirement party for my husband's mom and the dog was apparently having a hard time with his food and he was stinky and gassy for the whole party--and I didn't even realize I should move him out of the room so all the guests suffered. I hosted a Halloween party (for me and a few of my single friends) and someone brought a South Park tape and the party was no longer about socializing and everyone sat watching the TV for two hours.

2. In middle school, we had a social studies unit that involved doing a presentation of a current events article in front of the class. I chose articles from the Weekly World News (better known as the tabloid that reports on 'bat boy,' UFOs, and aliens). I should point out that I did it deliberately as a joke.

3. I'm oddly incredibly organized in minutiae. The hangars in my laundry room are currently arranged in groups: hangars with clips, wood hangars for pants, plastic hangars with rounded shoulders for knits, plastic hangars with rounded shoulders that also have rubberized ends so wide-necked tops don't fall off, straight-shouldered plastic hangers for my husband's work shirts, kid-sized plastic hangars without breaks for regular shirts or pants, kid-sized plastic hangars with breaks for sleeveless tops, kid-sized plastic hangars with clips to hang shorts and skirts. For another example, I have separate compartments on my desk for ball-point pens, gel-ink pens, pencils, mechanical pencils that use 0.7 mm lead, mechanical pencils that use 0.5 mm lead, dry-erase markers, high-lighters, and erasable pens.

4. I made two batches of wine from a kit.

5. I waste money by not being together enough to return things. I've paid for and then never used a baby carrier, outfits for the kids that were the wrong size, shoes for me that were uncomfortable when I brought them home, anything that I bought in the wrong size or model. I just never remember to save the receipt or can't find it and sometimes even if I have the receipt, I just hate the hassle of taking it into the car, making a special trip to that particular store, etc.

6. I cry easily. I cry very easily. I cry at most any sad part of a movie. Hello? I cried during the new Journey to the Center of the Earth movie. My family used to tease me about it all the time. When I was pregnant it was even worse. I think the true low point is that I cried when Bobby Brady was injured in a car race during the Brady Family Reunion TV show.

That seems like more than enough for now! And now you all know to never accept an invitation for a dinner party from me!


Liriodendron said...

I want to hear about the wine!

I hear your on returning items. I never, never, return items -- not because I'm particularly unorganized, but because I don't have the will. I feel guilty and secondly the money for smaller items seems not worth my time. In a way, it's good, because it keeps me from buying items I shouldn't.

You know what, though... you could probably make money on EBay from all your unused stuff :) Someone's junk is someone else's treasure.

Rational Jenn said...

I'm also #5. Pitiful, isn't it? I'm trying to get better about it though.

Also, I'm #6. I got all teary last night watching the final episode of Buffy--which I had already seen!

LB said...

What? No dexterous toes stories?

I, too, am a big crier, but not generally at movies - more so from commercials, songs, pictures. I just never know when something will strike me as overwhelmingly beautiful. It's downright embarassing.

Glad you posted - Lynne.