Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Star Spangled Objectivist Round Up

I'm very excited to host the Objectivist Round Up again. The last time I hosted I had school preparations to begin and a baby on the way! Now our on-line community has grown by two (Congrats, Jenn) and summer is here again. Since this carnival falls so close to a holiday near and dear to our hearts, I decided to add some fireworks of my own to celebrate. The Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key was included in History at Our House this year and Scott Powell pointed out the rockets used in that battle. I thought about the link to fireworks and a theme. I present the Star Spangled Objectivist Round Up!

The Star Spangled Banner
by Francis Scott Key

Flibbert presents Flibbert's Theory of Psycho-Temporal Mechanics posted at Flibbertigibbet. "This week, I am submitting for your review, my theory about why late people are always so late. I think they really just don't know how long things take. They're not bad people, contrary to what you as an on-time person may think. They're just wildly optimistic about their ability to travel faster than the speed of light. Read all about it on my blog."

Deb Ross presents Biz Kid$ - new PBS show posted at Mariposario. Deb found an interesting resource!

Oh! say can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming;
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
Ari Armstrong presents Heller in the Rocky posted at "The Rocky Mountain News published my op-ed about the Heller decision, which affirmed the individual's right to own a gun."

Peter Cresswell presents Not PC: Gekko drives by posted at Not PC. "Phony capitalists of the Gordon Gekko kind are bankrupting people again, consuming people's real capital in their pursuit of pyramids based on lies and phony credit. But if you really want to get angry at the dishonesty, get angry at those who are responsible for the scam: the politicians and the central bankers who've made fraud a central feature of the banking system."

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze o'er the towering steep
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam;
Its full glory reflected now shines on the stream;
'Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh! long may it wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Stephen Bourque presents Is That Red Ink Or Blood On Your Finger? posted at One Reality. Mugabe is holding elections. Democracy for all?

C. August presents Boston's Medallion Morass posted at Titanic Deck Chairs. "What is there to do when a government system has grown too complex, everyone involved is unhappy, and no new regulations seem to be able to fix the problem? Trash the whole damn system and let the free market take over, that's what!"

And where is the band who so vauntingly swore,
'Mid the havoc of war and the battle's confusion,
A home and a country they'd leave us no more?
Their blood hath washed out their foul footsteps' pollution;
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave,
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Thomas Rogers presents Then they came for the puppies, and I did not speak out.... posted at Laissez Faire. "The new Islamist Frontier seems to be the removal of images of dogs from society. One can guess what they have in mind for the actual dogs."

Greg Perkins presents Don’t Talk to the Police posted at NoodleFood. "Here is a 30-minute lecture that was a real eye-opener to me, in the practical sense of what can happen to even the most innocent, intelligent, articulate, and law-savvy of people when participating in an interview with the police. Basically, it is an applied epistemology lesson on the contextual nature of knowledge (evidence)."

Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved home and the war's desolation;
Blessed with victory and peace, may the Heaven-rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, for our cause it is just,
And this be our motto, "In God is our trust":
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Diana Hsieh presents Highlights from OCON: Day 1 posted at NoodleFood. "This is the first post in my ongoing series of reports on the Ayn Rand Institute's summer conference (a.k.a. OCON). (It links to all the other posts too.)"

I wonder How Does One Participate in Local Governance? More of a bleg than a post for consideration. What method does one use to evaluate school budgets and can you ever vote for them? I know I've got something wrong but I can't seem to figure it out.

Myrhaf presents The America Obama Loves posted at Myrhaf. "Here's a look at Obama's concept of patriotism for this Indepence Day edition of the Objectivist Carnival."

What a fitting post to finalize this carnival. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Next week's carnival will be hosted at The Rule of Reason. Submit your post via the handy-dandy submission form.


Darren said...

Good job hosting this week, I can tell you put a lot of effort into making this carnival post. The theme ideas was a nice touch!

Kim said...

Thank you! I do enjoy it. I'm glad you did too.