Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Running a Homeschool Literature Study Class

I'm not, but I would love it. My eldest and youngest would enjoy it. But I don't want a typical book club where the kids throw around their own opinion--it should be a class where the children have assigned reading and then the parent/teacher helps them to identify elements of the story, and ensures comprehension.

Lydia of Little Blue School ran a class for some homeschoolers and she sure has some great materials. I found this link from the CT Homeschooler Inclusive yahoo group. The materials are for the book Treasure Island. It looks like there are some crafts, some unit-study type work, and vocabulary. She also talks about how each went. Nice resource.


Shez said...

Lydia's my friend, here in Norfolk. Ben did her Treasure Island book club. She is a phenomenal teacher. She never dumbs down her material so the kids rise to the occasion. This coming semester she is doing Mary Pope Osborne's version of Homer's Odyssey with the kids. She also plans on reading some original translations.

Lydia and I are organizing a writing contest for homeschoolers. you can read about it at http://www.littleblueschool.com/bash

Kim said...

Now that's funny. I actually posted about your writing contest on the group so someone must have spent some time checking it out and came across those resources. How neat!