Sunday, July 06, 2008

Model Cars

Having girls, you might think we'd never step foot in the car, boat, and airplane model hobby field. With my eldest being 9 now, I thought it was a good time to see if she was interested in models. Age is important because some models can be very complicated. Lo and behold--they both jumped at the chance to make their own cars.

My 6 year-old fell in love with the gold wheels and cool stripes. This was a super easy 'assembly line' kit. No glue, paint, or tears. Watch out for the occasional small part that might go missing. The directions are simple pictures. Beware though, they do go in an order subordinate to the order of the pictures. There are two sets of numbers--one set for the pictures and one set for the assembly diagrammed in the pictures. We also had to glue the wheels on. They fell off while she was playing with them.

This is the BMW Z4 kit my older daughter picked--she loves convertibles. It was pretty nice. It needed glue, but there's weren't an incredible number of parts. No painting was needed for this kit. The doors, hood, and trunk opened. The directions were also in pictures and had even less direction than the above kit--there was definitely at least one place where we confused which piece had to be put in first--and we had already glued it in place. Then the wheels also were coming off and when I glued them in place, oops, I glued the axle so it wouldn't turn. We lost a piece (no stick shift for this driver). Over all it was a lot of fun and simple. The models were expensive (~$15) but I didn't have buy paint and they used them as toys afterward.


LB said...

Not only are the models cool, the pictures are pretty sharp, too!

I think that V would love these. Tell me, will Pollys fit in them?

Kim said...

Only if they're headless! We definitely tried. I was thinking maybe the Sweet Street Fisher Price people (about 3" high?), but I can't find any to play with right now.

One thing to watch for in the models is that the BMW had an opening trunk, hood, and doors while the Viper only had opening doors (boy, was that a fight!).

Kim said...

Oh yeah--you can tell I LOVE macro mode on my camera! Any decent picture I take uses that. I keep meaning to find out about the f-stop for depth of field, but haven't gotten it to work yet.