Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Making Things Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Make cool new crayons easily from broken remnants. I've got a lot of those. Actually, I think I might create some broken remnants to make these rainbow-y kind! Now if only I had cool molds like they show in the picture. I'll have to make do with mini-muffin tins.

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CelticMommy said...

Hiya Kim,

Thank you for the link to my crayon tutorial. I got these mini tartlet tins years and years ago on eBay and never used them for food... since they've gotten rusty, I now only use them for crafting. Somewhere lower on my blog is a similar tutorial showing me using muffin tins. The crayons turn out to be the size of a reeses peanut butter cup. We also used $1 silicone molds from Michael's or Target to make as gifts shaped like snowflakes for the holidays.
I'm loving your blog! It's so nice to meet another homeschooler.