Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Equipment----A Hierarchically Based Science Course for Elementary Students: Part 5

I have definitely gone beyond the point of no return. Actually, I guess I could return or exchange as long as I save the packing slip. Yessirreee, I've ordered material for my science course. I'm asking a fee for attendance from the few families who are willing to come. The fees are supposed to offset the cost of purchasing equipment. At the elementary level, I decided that I wanted the kids to do lab-work after hearing about some discoveries.

What I decided to buy:
  • lodestone, paper clips, bar magnets, ring magnets, compass, nails, copper wire
  • glass rod, plastic rod, silk cloth, wool cloth, fur, pith balls, thin sheets of zinc, aluminum, copper, and iron
  • demonstration balance, pulleys, string
  • density blocks, spring scales, graduated cylinders, rulers, geometric solids that are actually hollow
  • thermometers
  • 3/4" and 1" diameter spheres in wood, cork, steel, and aluminum (3/4" only)

It's probably too obvious--but anyone want to take a guess what experiments we'll end up doing? Go ahead and leave a comment! I am looking forward to finding out the ones I missed.

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LB said...

Looks like you're covering all the basic physics stuff - cool beans!

Do you have a fishtank for volume/density/buoyancy experiments? I recommend joining a local freecycle if you don't. My fishtank has been pretty important in some science activities.

Keep us posted.

Kim said...

No fish tank. I think I'll be using the graduated cylinders for that. Or one of those 2-liter drink pitchers.