Saturday, June 21, 2008

What Would We Do Without Compulsory Government Schooling?

Fight less. Be happier. Have our views actually respected by people who are trying to keep customers.

Wired Science has an article looking at the best possible way to balance the myriad of interest groups, pedagogy practices, government indoctrination, political correctness, zero-tolerance policies, bad teachers, and even funding concerns: No More Public Schools. OK, I'll admit that the article only deals with the evolution nonsense, but think of all of the other issues that are never resolved because of the sheer morass of public school.

The Cato institute guy makes a glaring error in talking about making laws and doesn't actually use a parental rights basis for supporting his view (you know those libertarians--pragmatic), but does pull out some good support in the end.

From Alasandra.

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