Sunday, June 08, 2008

Went to See Prince Caspian

At the end of May, I took all the kids to see Prince Caspian. The 6 1/2 year-old didn't pay a lot of attention. The 9 year-old like it. The baby was riveted at some parts but slept through most of it.

I thought it was 'eh.' OK without being really great. Not the movie itself--that was fine and wonderful to watch, but there wasn't much to the story. Let's see what I can remember. The family goes back to Narnia to help Prince Caspian. They get there and immediately Peter takes charge, which is a bit awkward, what with the new Prince getting ready to take over and all. They make a plan to attack a castle and Susan asks 'who are you doing it for?' To answer the question Peter starts leading the charge with a battle cry of 'For Narnia.' They get massacred. Peter and Prince Caspian blame each other (Prince Caspian didn't want to attack the castle anyway and Prince Caspian gets sidetracked during the actual battle in order to seek revenge). In the end, Peter leads a battle with the cry 'For Aslan' and they win that one.

The people they are attacking have been trying to exterminate the Narnians. They're a pretty blood-thirsty lot except for Caspian, who is an exception because his tutor taught him about the Narnians.

That's pretty much it as far as I can remember. Like I said, blah story--good scenes to watch.

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