Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'm off this week to visit my folks. Actually, what happened is that my husband is going on travel for four days and I thought, "I'll be damned if I'm stuck at home alone with three kids. I'm going to mom's." That and I haven't been to visit since the baby was born. That and they live near the beach (the Jersey shore at that). Here are some things we've done there in the past (in case you want to be jealous--which you can only do if you forget that I have to travel in the car, alone, for four hours with two kids and a baby who hasn't yet slept in the car for more than an hour): Cape May, the beach, and Philadelphia (which I realize I never posted pictures before so I'll put them here).

I'm using the scheduling feature of Blogger (what? You though I actually got up to publish posts at 8 AM?) and I have a some things planned to go up next week. Of course my father has a computer and the joy of Blogger is that I don't have to be home--I can log in from anywhere--so I'll be sure to check for comments and such.

The rebel rousers (not necessarily rabblerousers):

The power of the pen:

In Independence Hall:

Note the same alcove and chair from the painting above.

The Philosophical Society (in the not-modern usage):

The Statue of Washington (in front of Independence Hall):

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