Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Three-Thousand-Four-Hundred-Eighty-Nine Dollars and Five Cents

That's how much I just paid to get our well pump replaced.

Apparently well pumps and their control boards are not protected from lightning! If I'm lucky, our homeowner's policy will cover it (less deductible). We also took the opportunity to replace the water storage tank that was about to rust-through. So right now I'm really happy the water is back on and will stay on (at least until the next lightning storm). Now to go around and get some the air out of the pipes!

Oh yeah--one pleasant side effect is that I shouldn't run the dishwasher until some of the sediment flushes out of the pipes--at least until tomorrow. That means a required purchase of dinner. I think I'll try to talk the husband into Chinese food for us (which means McDonald's for the picky eaters--i.e. the kids).


LB said...

Sorry to hear about your well pump. That is a lot of money.

Did you at least enjoy the light show, or was it all too close to be enjoyable?

Kim said...

Crazy expensive! Not even a great thunderstorm enjoyment (not that we missed it with the sheer number of storms we've had since we returned). Apparently most of the house falls apart around 20 years old anyway. Between the roof and the windows, I hate to think which will need replacing next!