Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Life in Crisis

I really feel for some people. There's one person in particular who is trying to 'go green' but can never do enough and is even running into conflict with family because of it. There is quite a crisis described quite honestly in the blog. A real victim of the 'green' mentality. My guess is that this belief system was adopted at college. This person is running into the practical failings and beginning to understand the lack of evidence.

Unfortunately, that person hasn't yet and may not ever actually get to questioning the premises of the environmental movement at all. From the many blog posts on the subject, you can really see how conscientiously the person tries to implement this man-hating philosophy and how honestly it is reported with the confusion, the trouble it makes, the rationalizations when it is realized that modern conveniences are necessary.

I am not going to link to the blog because it really isn't about that one person--more of a post about the general state of 'regular' people who try to be green--as defined by an ascetic type of philosophy. They're not all rabidly anti-human like the leaders of the environmentalist philosophy are. They've just been deluded and are miserably trying to live a life that is impossible. The internal conflicts blogged about by this person are a perfect example. This person is honest enough to try to face them head-on.

It's a losing proposition until you get down to the premises. It is an absurd view to believe that humans are powerful enough to use technology to destroy everything but are totally powerless to use technology to solve any such problems that might arise. What a contradiction the environmentalists ask people to swallow--and the people lap it up without even realizing the asinine nature of it. I am so glad I have a philosophy that is pro-humankind, pro-technology, pro-happiness and lacking in conflicting values. As Ayn Rand states, "Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed." That's why I've put the "Exploit the Earth or Die" logo on the sidebar.

As it stands today, the environmental movement is using fear-mongering and pseudoscience to scare people into misery and eventual caveman living. I embrace humankind's nature as creators, reasoning beings, and problem solvers who use evidence and science to serve their needs best.

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