Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"It's morally wrong. It's ethically wrong. It's a stupid piece of legislation..."

"...and it really needs to be amended so that other home-school students aren't discriminated against in this fashion." That's according the Shalynn Ford, the mother of a homeschooled girl who initially won a scholarship but was later discovered to be unqualified for part of it (of $5000, $1000 was taken away). As stated in the article:

The requirements for the Merit scholarship are a 3.75 grade point average and a 29 on the ACT.

But the Legislature included an additional 12 hours of college credit for home-schooled children.

I am sure a number of homeschooler would be up in arms about this. Apparently the scholarship requirements are decided by the state legislatively. The scholarship is to a state college (I won't even go into whether that is appropriate). There is no indication when the 12 credit-hours was included--I'm assuming it was before the Ford girl applied.

I'm not upset by this. When homeschooled student do 'high school' at home, parents already know we have big responsibilities. We need to keep transcripts. We need to give grades. We need to convince others (college admission boards) that those records are accurate. The people who are reviewing the information can decide what they will accept. If parental record-keeping is not enough, I think 4 college classes would be a suitable substitute. Shalynn Ford is obviously unhappy with the current requirements and perhaps she can convince the legislature to change them.

It is a great reminder though for the rest of us homeschoolers who may end up homeschooling high school that immaculate record keeping may not be the only thing we need to produce.

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