Thursday, June 19, 2008

Husband's Astrophotography--The Pleiades

Here is his piggy-backed picture of the Pleiades (also known as the seven sisters). They're the very bright stars with a slightly violet tinge slightly to the left of center. (No, they really ought to be bright white, but hey.) All of the images posted (except for the moon shots) have been processed with free software husband has found specifically for astronomers.

One day the great hunter Orion saw the Pleiads (perhaps with their mother, or perhaps just one of them; see Merope above) as they walked through the Boeotian countryside, and fancied them. He pursued them for seven years, until Zeus answered their prayers for delivery and transformed them into birds (doves or pidgeons), placing them among the stars. Later on, when Orion was killed (many conflicting stories as to how), he was placed in the heavens behind the Pleiades, immortalizing the chase.

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