Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great Indian Music Video

The video is fun. Then someone was listening to it and though he could recognize some of the words as if they were English.

Head over to Althouse to find out what the Indian (I have no idea which language it's in) lyrics sounded like to this guy.


LB said...

I LOVE Bollywood song and dance numbers. A friend of mine sent me this when he heard I was taking Bollywood dancing a while back. It's quite hilarious (the video and me taking Bollywood dancing).

Kim said...

From Montessori school, I made a couple of Indian friends. One of them had her kids attending Bollywood popular dancing lessons at a local church. We thought about doing it but declined based on cost. Now she's in India and I can't even change my mind for months!

Kim said...

I'll bet you rock that bindi!

LB said...

You know it!

Last Halloween, I was Elizabeth from Lagaan (great Bollywood movie) complete with hot pink sari, blue eyes, and bindi.

If you've got an extra 4 hours sometime, I highly recommend the movie. As a bonus, you'll learn more than you ever wanted to know about marathon cricket matches.

Kim said...

Games that never end--not my bag baby! Used to love football (American kind), but my hubby is practically anti-sports.