Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For Shame--What's Going on in Washington DC

National Review Online has an editorial at CBS news. As usual, congress is set to do something stupid with your tax dollars. The House has passed an education bill. Will it remove constructivist math from our classrooms? Make it easier to fire bad teachers? Set guidelines for evidence to assure curriculum works before introducing it to the classroom? Nope.
The legislation creates a new federal grant program to provide states and local school districts with money to build and modernize schools. Among the reasons offered by Chairman George Miller’s Education and Labor Committee for supporting the legislation: to “create jobs in the construction industry” and make “schools that are more energy efficient and reliant on renewable resources of energy” to reduce “emissions that contribute to global warming.

You know the government--just can't leave a bad situation alone. It just has to do anything to make it worse.

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