Saturday, June 07, 2008

Do You Have a 'Color' Personality?

This might help you find out. Just answer the questions of the quiz and they'll give you a palette you might want to use as inspiration for painting your house.

From How About Orange, a craft and decor blog.


LB said...

Apparently I go for Desert Spice. I would have guessed something, but nope, I'm attracted to the colors of sand and iron ore and terracotta; all expertly balanced with complementary hues of deep ocean blues, muted khakis, or sea-worn neutrals. Does this mean I've got to get a new wardrobe?

Once, I did have a terracota dining room and I have to say, I loved it.

Kim said...

I'm glad there's one point of evidence in favor of it! According to it I should have more white and blue around. Since (as you know) I've already admitted to being completely bad at picking colors, maybe I should give it a try. Though the white shades just seem a bit like a cop-out: "Nope, couldn't actually pick a color, so I stuck with white or really close to it."