Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yet Another History at Our House Post

I know I post a lot about History at Our House--but it's with really good reason. My oldest daughter (3rd grade but took the upper elementary history this year anyway) is in her second year with Mr. Powell's teleconferenced history program. With my mommy-addled memory, we've missed a number of lectures and it was really affecting her participation in the class. For the first time in an amount of time I'm ashamed to admit, we've participated in three whole weeks of class.

When I reminded her it was almost time for her history lecture, she jumped up and said "I find history exciting!" I asked her what she liked. "The Civil War and the IndustrialRevolution." Of course I had to ask why--not everyone is excited about history (isn't that an understatement). Her explanation was that "it tells us how we have thethings that we have today."

I have to congratulate and thank Scott Powell for offering the class and teaching it well. I am so glad that he has a class that we can participate in from a great distance and my oldest has a real teacher and class experience and all I have to do is remind her when to phone in! And it is a perfect example of how relating to kids' own experience and interests is a wonderful motivation.

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