Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Trying to Organize an Elementary Science Course

After being inspired by LB, I thought I'd try to host a science course. I'm pretty scientifically literate and I like the idea of helping kids learn the 'right way.' That means trying to follow the heirarchy of knowledge. Now, without a lot of historical research and knowledge, this is pretty darn hard. With a lot of historical research and not a lot of knowledge, this becomes much harder. So many different discoveries--but I only want to present the important ones.

I plan on posting on this regularly as I try to come up with an outline. One thing any course I may offer won't be is a jumble of science experiments showing highly advanced concepts.


LB said...

I look forward to your updates.

Do you think that providing a spine of the lives of important scientists is a valid approach? In the early grades, I thought this was a decent way to attack science. As the children need more intense education on distinct topics, more differentiation is needed. This is where I'm kind of stuck.

My co-op is currently considering a boxed curriculum. I'm wary that any will provide the hierarchy that I think is crucial; however, willy-nilly, teacher by subject isn't so good either.

Kim said...

I think that learning about important scientists chronologically is a great early introduction. One thing to note, though, is that early scientists were quite eclectic and dealt with many different fields. After the mid-1800s, it seems that the fields got a bit more specialized.

One of the problems I've noted in trying to come up with 'fields' to study is that physics definitely relies on at least one discovery through chemistry (atoms) and another discover through earth-science (geomagnetic field theory).

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