Friday, May 30, 2008

Time for Another Post about My Oldest Daughter's Reading

This must get monotonous but I can't contain myself. Over the past week my just-turned 9 year-old read a book title Peter and the Starcatchers. Story-wise it's about Peter Pan before Hook became Hook and before Wendy.

The story is derivative and 'blah' to me. Not to my daughter, though. That book is BIG! And it has very few pictures. It's almost as large as a piece of paper and over an inch thick and small type. She devoured that thing!

Right now she's back to the Sisters Grimm (book 4). She's really excited because there's a fifth book out and she really wants to finish both. We got them from the library yesterday. I wonder how long those will take?

Update: She finished both Sisters Grimm books (4 and 5) in four days.


Deb said...

Peter and the Starcatchers is humor columnist Dave Barry's first foray into children's fiction, published a few years ago. I've wondered idly if my kids are old enough to be interested. Thanks, Kim, you've just answered that question (Madison will be 9 in September). Plus, just last month my girls saw a stage production of Peter Pan, so it's good timing. Off to the library!

The Never Fairy said...

Great to see kids reading!
That "Starcatchers" book is a fun story, but as a prequel to Peter Pan it really doesn't count. It contradicts the facts of Barrie's original tales. But I know of something else she might like to read. :) It's a new Pan novel that will be available soon. Unlike all the other prequels and sequels it doesn't go against what Barrie wrote, for it's based on his idea to continue Pan's adventure!
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Kim said...

Funny about the book being by THE Dave Barry. I recognized the name. I don't remember the book being particularly funny--just in case you were wondering. They have companion novels that are a more typical 3rd grade reading level

Or a quick delve into a different part of the story and the land for more advanced readers (just like my oldest likes to read Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, and Nancy Drew Notebooks in an afternoon, just for a lark).