Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jury Duty

Easy peasy! For my first ever experience with jury duty it could hardly have gone better. I went to our local superior court and signed in. I got there at the requested time, though nothing happened for another 1/2 hour (note for future). They showed a tape about the process which was very nicely done and reminded me of why our system is so great. They called the names for the first jury panel (the first group that a court will voir dire for selection). Most of the gathered people were called, leaving just about ten of us. Then the women came to front of the room and said, approximately, 'thanks, don't come back for four years.' I was there for a grand total of two hours, won't have to serve again for four years (as long as I keep whatever documents the state mails me as proof), and I got to watch a nice video.

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