Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Guns, Guns Everywhere!

I've been enjoying Perry Mason while nursing the baby (can't read because he gets distracted and tries to eat the book). I caught the 80s reunion movies and enjoy the show a lot. One thing I've noticed that seems to be a dramatic change in our society is how commonly guns are portrayed. Every time you turn around someone has a gun in their purse, desk drawer, coat pocket, nightstand table, and/or glove compartment. This clip at 3 Ring Binder from the movie Sabrina also shows a casual (not necessarily unsafe) attitude toward guns.

Because of my upbringing in not-quite-rural, liberal, northern schools with kind-of hippy parents, I thought guns were little evil doohickeys with minds of their own for killing--likely to go off at any time and for any reason with little regard to the people near them. It's refreshing to see them treated as the tool they are.


LB said...

Talk about a change in attitude! You should see the original Nancy Drew movies from the late 30s/early 40s (I recommend them highly). In one scene Nancy is brandishing a gun and shooting it willy-nilly in Ted's general direction. It's crazy! Why does he/she have such easy access to a gun? Why doesn't she know better than to point it in her friend's general direction. And finally, why is it supposed to be so amusing?

If you get a chance, you really should watch them with E though. But for some shocking shifts in cultural sensibilities, they are really very good and funny.

Kim said...

We've seen the really old-1930s Nancy Drew. You are so right about the guns! They're out for target practice on some deserted road. So funny!

Elisabeth and I don't like them as much as the books because in the books Nancy Drew is honest and in the movies she tricks people, manipulates Ned like crazy, and is just not as admirable as the books. The new Nancy Drew movie is more like the books, though it is unfortunate that she's not well-liked until the end, she stays true to herself and her values regardless.