Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ayn Rand Chair?

NPR had an article on Morning Edition (thanks, T) talking about BB&T donating a cool $1 million in order to fund a course on an ethical defense of capitalism based on Ayn Rand's philosophy. As usual, there is the following asinine quote:

But not everyone at the university is excited by the gift. Rick Wilson, a sociology instructor at Marshall and head of the West Virginia Economic Justice Project, says that Rand's philosophy, objectivism, is based on the view that selfishness is the only moral value.

"[Objectivism] goes against the collective wisdom of the human race, I think, pretty much everywhere," says Wilson. "I think it's a curious interpretation of philanthropy to use corporate money to promote, really, an extreme philosophy."

I like how he throws collective around like that. Especially when trying to dissuade people from hearing about a philosophy of individualism. The whole point is that not everyone believes the same thing--that's why he's even being asked. Yeah, the collective wisdom of fascism (give yourself to the state who will walk all over you), communism (give yourself to the state and be indentured to other people who will walk all over you), and judeo-christian ethics (give yourself to anyone who comes along asking anything of you no matter what you might think of them or their worth because otherwise you go to Hell). "Collective" kind of stands out there, doesn't it? It's the collective above the individual that gets you all that crap.

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