Saturday, April 05, 2008

On Being Stuck in an Objectivist-Free Zone

How lucky am I that I've discovered a few other Objectivists in my area? I'm pretty lucky! Now, being an hour and a half north of New York City and the thriving Objectivist community there (hi, Bob!), you'd think I wouldn't feel isolated--only I'm a chicken (I realize I say that about myself a lot) about driving/traveling into the city. The Big City. The Biggest City in the World. Yup--it's big. And crowded. And has a transportation system that is much more complicated than the car in my driveway. At any rate, big city life just isn't my bag, baby.

I got to visit with a family that my daughter met through her History at Our House program. Yes--I'm talking about that again too. Turns out we're the only ones in the northeast (that I know of) and we actually took a trek to have a visit yesterday. It was a long day with the baby in tow, but our hosts were very accommodating and welcoming and the girls all played really well together. Thanks for having us!

It's kind of funny, but whenever I meet another Objectivist, why is it that I feel like I need to lay out all of my major conclusions and most of the minor ones so that they can 'approve' of me before I sully their house with my own half-formed and continuously in progress integrations? You'd think there would be a little more room for trying to recognize differences of well-derived application in a philosophy that has so little applied theory to work from. Just my two cents.

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