Saturday, April 05, 2008

Massachussetts Leads the Way in Mandated Medicine

And guess what--the more intervention, the less it works:

The share who accept new patients has dropped, to barely half in the case of internists, and the average wait by a new patient for an appointment with an internist rose to 52 days in 2007 from 33 days in 2006. In westernmost Berkshire County, newly insured patients are being referred 25 miles away, said Charles E. Joffe-Halpern, director of an agency that enrolls the uninsured.

Shockingly (read with sarcasm), they're going to fix what they've broken by intervening more. It's like a broken record. They've mandated health plans for everyone as their universal coverage--the same plan Clinton wants foisted on the rest of the nation if she were elected.

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