Friday, April 18, 2008


I narrowly avoided hitting a coyote on my home one day. I only know it was a coyote because I did a Google image search to find out. One of the coyote images showed up on a site called Advocacy for Animals. It's straight-up animal rights BS with all of the Hey-bad-people-live-nicely-with-the-predators-and-stop-destroying-their-natural-habitat philosophy that goes along with it. No news here, pure bias.

About this Site

Encyclopædia Britannica presents this site as a source of information, a call for action, and a stimulus to thought regarding humanity's relationship with the animals with whom we share our planet. We support worldwide efforts to ensure humane treatment of animals, develop our understanding of their nature, promote their survival, and protect and restore the environment.

It turns out that the site is run by the Encyclopedia Brittanica. I was really dissapointed to discover that a reference material I always trusted is actually using its influence to peddle this kind of crap. It's like crack for non-thinkers and haters-of-mankind. Just a little shot makes them feel worthwhile and all-powerful all day and they need hit after hit as they slowly realize that this philosophy should mean that they either need to go back to living like cavemen or just leave this mortal coil altogether.

So before you visit the Encylopedia Brittanica or purchase any material from the company, be aware that they'll use some part of that money against you.

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