Thursday, March 27, 2008

TV without TV

I mentioned that we got rid of television service. Turns out I was the one who missed it the most. BUT no more. I've been enjoying Star Trek the Original Series, The Twilight Zone, and Battlestar Galactica (so many religious references) among the many shows available over the internet. I'm happy as can be because now I have something to do while feeding the baby (when reading is getting boring).

I've also been following Dancing with the Stars (although the ABC site requires you to click after every commercial--most annoying). Watching Monk and Psych are also enjoyable--although not ideal.

Here are some sites to check out:

Star Trek
Twilight Zone
CBS also has Hawaii Five-O (which I can't get to work), Melrose Place, and MacGyver.

Battlestar Galactica
Buck Rodgers
The A-Team
NBC also has The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Miami Vice, Emergency!, and Night Gallery.

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