Monday, March 24, 2008


I don't know what it is about having a baby, but it has wrought some unforeseen effects on me! The babe is now three months old (hurray for smiling, laughing, grabbing, getting close to a regular schedule, sleeping for four or five hours, and feeding less frequently--boo for teething and babies who hate to go to sleep) and I've found myself doing things that are well beyond what I used to want to do. For instance, I go out every single weekend ALL BY MYSELF while the hubby watches all of the kids (that usually also includes his 14 year old from his first marriage). Isn't he just awesome? It was actually his idea! I've also made a scrapbook of pictures for my grandmother (a whole scrapbook!), tuned-up my inherited (from my mother-in-law) sewing machine, sewed a shirt and skirt for my youngest, taught myself bread-making and how to make cinnamon rolls, reorganized the kitchen pantry, the cabinet next to the stove, the three junk drawers in the kitchen (yeah--most people only have one), the computer desk, the two bookcases in the library, the computer desk upstairs, began hosting a weekly astronomy class that my husband teaches, and survived my husband's 10-day bed rest after an umbilical hernia repair.

There was some very poor timing on my part. I tore apart the pantry and the computer desk the week before my husband's surgery and they just got put back together. Horror of horrors--we actually had to eat in the dining room instead of the kitchen!


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