Monday, December 31, 2007

Baby Announcement

It took me over a week to send out the word to my friends, and now a week after that, I finally found time to post to the blog!

Little Aaron was born exactly two weeks past his due date on Dec 13th, 12:07 AM and immediately made it into the heavyweight category at 10 lbs 12 0z and 21.5 inches long. The hospital didn't have big enough diapers in the delivery room! Residents were on tour through my recovery room to see the 'big baby,' and every time the pediatrician-on-call came into the room, there was some comment about having a baby the size of a two-month-old. And, no, there was no evidence of gestational diabetes according to a glucose tolerance test administered two weeks before.

I'll avoid any further details about the actual event except to say that the induction was absolutely the best idea (the baby did not seem ready to go anywhere on his own) and the epidural was heavenly--and that's not even an exageration. Kudos go to my doctor for scheduling when he was on call, knowing me and my history well enough to let me give this delivery the old college try, and having a whole team on hand in case of some typical problems encountered with delivering large babies (not needed, thankfully).

The desire to tell the 'birth story' is fairly overwhelming (part of the pride of accomplishing something so awesome), but for sake of my modesty (in a few months and years I just look back on that kind of stuff and blush) and because I don't want to strike fear into the hearts of those who may be facing this in the future (being in the situation is completely different anyway--the reason all pregnant women should think twice before watching the videos so helpfully offered up at child birth classes).

Ta Da!

He did look a bit like he was hit by a truck (and I felt the same way for over two weeks), but he looks much better now--less bruised.


Rational Jenn said...

That's funny that even the docs and nurses had to come and see him. Sometimes, they're just big--my sister was a bit over 11 pounds and my mom still talks about how incredibly amazed everyone was.

I know what you mean about the desire to tell the birth story. (If you need to tell *someone*, send me an email!) I made up my mind after my son was born that I would never tell my stories to anyone, especially a first-time pregnant woman, unless I was asked to do so. I did get really freaked out by all the stories the first time. Now, of course, I'm interested in just about everyone's and not at all squeamish either.

Congratulations--he's a cutie pie!

Kim said...

It is hard to contain sometimes! I've always felt like I had a faulty 'internal editor' and would easily qualify for revealing 'too much information!'

Myrhaf said...

Congratulations on your new "bundle of joy," Kim.