Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kids--Not One Size Fits All

One of the first things I did when I decided to homeschool was stock up on historical fiction. Since my eldest's history program was European History, I got a lot of middle-ages related things. The Royal Diaries series was very popular. A book I was determined to get was a very adapted Robin Hood (by Anne Ingle). I thought I would have to 'assign' it, but my daughter started reading it in the store that afternoon and finished it the next morning. She has been a Robin Hood fan ever since.

Recently I rented both the Disney version of Robin Hood and the 1922 Errol Flynn movie. She loved the old movie (which was nicely colorized)--even with it's differences from the book.

She tried to show it to her friend (from the sleepover) and this girl had NO patience for an old movie! She just wanted to know why she couldn't watch the Disney channel.


objectivistDad said...

Older shows and movies are "slower paced". For instance, we just saw "Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1953)" recently. It is a cute old slap-stick style French movie (not much dialog). The gimmicks were well thought out, but the "pace" was really slow.

I use the term "pace" as something of a placeholder, because I haven't thought about what exactly is different between a movie like that and a recent movie like, say, "Mr. Bean's Holiday".

Kim said...

I think the themes were also much more mature than what this child had been used to (anything from the Disney channel).