Saturday, September 15, 2007


OK--Not everyone starts panicking about Halloween a month and a half early. BUT! But I just remembered that one of my partial plans from last year is still incomplete (my youngest daughter has accessories for her costume but NO DRESS) and the other plan was just completely wiped out. My oldest daughter was all set to be Joan of Arc this year (I was able to get the knight costume half-off), except she decided that dressing as a boy was not going to cut it. C'est la vie!

After checking my usual cheaper-costume stand-bys, I realized that I couldn't find a costume I liked for my younger daughter. It's been about six years since I attempted to make one myself. As you can guess, like labor, the pains of that other creative exercise have also faded. Thus I went to the fabric store today and bought a couple of possible patterns (I won't really decide which one to use until I balance total cuteness against number of seams and difficulty of closures) and some stretchy crushed velvet.

OK--I haven't sewn a costume in six years. I haven't sewn anything seriously in much longer than that. I've NEVER sewn stretchy material before. Thus, hope springs eternal and I'm panicking over Halloween!

To make the weakness of mind even more apparent--while flipping through the pattern book, I was wondering which costume my OTHER daughter would like best!

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Rational Jenn said...

I don't think it's strange AT ALL to be planning for Halloween this early! Now, I don't sew--wish I did--but Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday EVER. We have a big party here every year. Lots of kids, costumes, decorations, etc. We have a Halloween countdown calendar as of last year and I just can't wait until October 1st to hang it up and begin decorating. Don't know what the kids will be this year--with my son, it's always up for grabs. My daughter might be a red-tutu-ladybug. I think I'm going to be Professor McGonagall again.

By the way--got your email and will respond soon--very busy weekend!

Happy Halloween!