Friday, August 17, 2007

Review of High School Musical 2

LA Times has a review of High School Musical 2. They like it even better than the first one! Of the climax of the film, they say:

So while the Wildcats learn a few hard lessons of the workplace (bosses can be mean!), Sharpay attempts to seduce Troy with the possibility of the ambitious life, which could result in a basketball scholarship to the University of Albuquerque. Heady stuff, and our boy is tempted, much to the dismay of his friends (hence Gabriella's sad song). But this is Disney, which is to say not Ayn Rand, and so the needs of the individual will always bow to the collective, with the requisite ginormous dance number.

Of course, this shows a misunderstanding of Rand in that it's not the "collective" winning out if he really thinks it's important to follow through with his friends. If he did it because his friends made him feel guilty and he really wanted the basketball scholarship and went with his friends begrudgingly and with resentment, then the interpretation would be right. As it stands, it is Disney, and a Disney kid would think it was more important to stick with his friends than to see himself with a really promising future. Go figure.

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David Prince said...

I thought I'd respond on your blog.

"Talking about who invented stairs gets you nothing but a disconnected jumble of facts"

It's actually a hard question to answer and brings into focus historical method. I think the short answer is that history can't tell us who invented stairs. And so as a gateway to how history is actually done, it's a good question. And I'd say that when we move the conversation from substance to method, we are getting away from a jumble of facts and into a unifying theory.

If my child asked me, I'd say that what people call history is actually written history, and it's likely that stairs were invented before writing. I'd then say that probably lots of different people invented stairs independently of each other, since stairs tend to be found naturally in lots of places. Etc.