Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No-Blogging Excuses

So after we got back from visiting my folks, I had to do something about my house. Some people might call it "nesting." A weird term for pregnant women who clean the house. I decided to try to have a school room this year (instead of a school kitchen table and pantry shelves). We have a large area in our upstairs that we call a landing (don't see those much in modern homes) that is currently holding piles of school stuff. I had been going to use the dining room, but couldn't bring myself to give up a room that I actually use when company comes over. Right now I'm using it with my newest distraction (so below).

After that, I organized the pantry, removed a bunch of junk from the kitchen, and washed the walls and woodwork (that were visible) in the downstairs. It makes the place look really fresh. I do something like that once, oh, maybe every lifetime. Or maybe it's once a kid?

With the house nice and neat, I've started some nicely cluttering puzzles. The kids and I always check out the puzzles at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. This time they both got a 100 peice puzzle with pictures of Fairies (the five year-old needs some help with these). Daddy and I got the following:

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