Thursday, July 12, 2007

Women Less Likely to Marry Lower Earners

Psychology Today has an article discussing women's likelihood of marriage when they're living with someone. Of women living with men who earn about the same amount as they do, 80% are likely to consider marriage. That drops to 50% when the men earn less.

The findings come as the number of opposite-sex cohabitating couples continues
to climb from 1 million in the late '70s to 4.7 million in this decade. Smock
attributes this in part to a growing acceptance of premarital sex.

I think that an acceptance of pre-marital sex is only a drop in the bucket. If the women were to get pregnant, there's guarenteed support. They gain the benefit of sharing household expenses without the 'marriage penalty' tax. Palimony is not longer unprecedented. If the woman is at all likely to want to stay at home with children, then the woman being the high-wage earner has much more to lose in life-style and convenience.

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