Sunday, July 01, 2007

Population Control Ideas Picked Apart

From Arts and Letters Daily, a pointer to an article in Spiked Online pointing out the anti-human views of greens and others who look for any excuse to eliminate humans. While I do not agree with some of Frank Furedi's opening paragraph, the article is interesting.

So powerful is cultural pessimism today that even the special quality of human life is now called into question. Today, pollution is seen as the principal feature and consequence of human existence. Indeed, today’s neo-Malthusian thinking is far more dismal and misanthropic than the original version. For all his intellectual pessimism and lack of imagination, Thomas Malthus possessed a far more robust belief in humanity than do his contemporary followers.


By contrast, today’s Malthusians share all the old prejudices and in addition they harbour a powerful sense of loathing against the human species itself. Is it any surprise, then, that some of them actually celebrate non-existence? The obsession with natural limits distracts society from the far more creative search for solutions to hunger or poverty or lack of resources. Worse still, by calling into question the special quality of the human, the population-control lobby seeks to corrode people’s confidence in their ability to tackle the problems of the future [emphasis mine].

It's less about population control and more about anti-humanity in general.

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