Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Dog with New Tricks

This is Hercules, AKA Baby.
The bestest dog ever, Rocky, finally had his age (or the bad dog food) catch up with him about two months ago. We no longer have him around.
I missed having a friendly doggie face. I have always felt that it was important for children to have pets. That and the deer ate every single lily bud and one of my hostas. Another reason for choosing this time to get a new dog; I also discovered that one of the pounds in my area does not give every dog to one of those animal welfare societies. The animal welfare societies are too expensive and too restricted (getting the dog may just be contingent on whether you have a fence--doesn't matter that you could walk the dog or get a run).
We met this guy and liked his personality. He's a huge change from Rocky, who we got as an adult. Hercules is still in the adolescent phase of dog-life and has had NO real training. He's housebroken (mostly), but jumps, chews, wants to sleep on the furniture, steals food off the countertop, and is VERY high energy. It is definitely going to be a new experience.
One of the great things is that he generally seems to be pretty smart. My eight year-old has also taken a great interest in teaching him.

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