Friday, July 27, 2007

How Much Would Such a Prank Bother You?

A dental assistant was having a couple of implants installed in her workplace. The dentist, riffing on her love of pigs, installs what look like boar-tusks while she's under and take photos. Everything is normal when she wakes up. Later, she is given the photos as a birthday present. She quits and sues. The dentists insurance won't cover it because it was not part of his normal practice. He sues his insurer, and WINS! He gets $750,000 plus attorney's fees and he had already settled with the assistant for $250,000.

Would you sue? It's not like she accidentally fell out of her chair and her co-workers were laughing at her. She was under general anaesthetic. I think it's creepy to think that while you were out you were being totally messed with. She's lucky it was only tusks!! I certainly would find a new dentist.

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