Saturday, July 28, 2007

History for Homeschoolers and Afterschoolers

Mr. Powell's History at Our House web site and blog are getting more and more information everyday. Pricing information and levels will be available in the first week of August. There are book recommendations for adults to brush up on history, and free seminars for homeschooling parents.

Check the left side of the web site for a sample history lecture for seven, eight, and almost nine year-olds and see how involved they are in discussing World War II.

There is also another free lecture, the first free semiar, for parents on The State of History. Those of you who understand the importance of a real history education, probably understand some of the reasons why Social Studies fail our children, but I'll bet you'll find even more insights.

I wrote a great deal about Mr. Powell's history at the Well Trained Mind Secular Yahoo group. It's probably something I should turn into a blog post.

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