Thursday, July 19, 2007

First Objectivist Round Up

I am very excited to present a small sampling of Objectivist bloggers for your perusal.

First for consideration: DWSUWF presents Curing libertarian political impotence - a prescription for Electile Dysfunction posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall. Can the libertarian party be useful (or at least used)? From the author, describing the post:

Shaping an election outcome one time can be dismissed as a rogue political wave.
Shaping two consecutive federal elections is a sea change that cannot be
ignored. If the libertarian "divided government vote" is shown to swing the 2008
presidential election as it did the Congressional outcome in 2006, then
libertarians will no longer be inchoate, their message no longer diffused, and
their political clout no longer flaccid.
Next: Craig Ceely presents The Moral Nonsense Test posted at The Anger of Compassion. A moral sense test from Harvard includes very entertaining questions. A bonus contest is included!

Further Deliberation: Aaron presents Space posted at Thought Laboratory. Taking on Kant, even armed with Objectivism, is not for the faint-at-heart. Here is an auxiliary analysis of Kant's theory of space.

From yours truly, you may enjoy If You Don't Like It--Lump It. A quick look at how public schools deal with dissatisfied enrollees.

The next carnival will be hosted here, July 25th. Please submit via this submission form at If you're interested in hosting, please e-mail kimberly_anne_mcneill -at- yahoo -dot- com.

I hope you enjoy it!

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