Thursday, July 12, 2007

An Epidemic

A man is required to pay child support for a child that is not his. It was proven through DNA and the mother has submitted an affadavit saying that he is not the father. Yet the state of Florida is requiring that he support the child financially anyway.

This is not even unusual! A man was married to a woman who had a baby during an affair. He was still required to pay child support. A man has sex with a woman using a condom. She takes the sperm from the condom and impregnates herself with it and gets child support. A man lets a woman give him oral sex, and she does the same thing. Men who are lied to by women about the woman's likelihood of conception are still on the hook. Stepfathers may be liable to support their wive's children in the event of a divorce...especially if they have had biological children together.

The links are ones I've found via web search and while I've heard the stories elsewhere--I can't truly vouche for every case. Please take it as a warning and do some research yourself before you end up in an unexpected situation.

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