Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dummy Delivery

This will probably be flashing through my mind if I am lucky enough to avoid a C-section. And I will not be happy. It looks like a shot from Hustler (too explicit for Play Boy).

I certainly could have lived without this bit of info.

"When the baby is delivered, sometimes the placenta fails to completely detach and deliver, leaving some or all of it still attached to the uterine wall," she said. "If so, one needs to do a very special examination called 'exploring the uterus' where we insert our gloved hand to assess what was left behind or use surgical instruments to extract the fragments.
Now don't get me wrong--I know that hemorrhaging from placenta left behind is life-threatening and I'm glad there's a way to check, but I'm still grossed out.


Judy Aron said...

Kim - you are definitely reading too much.

Kim said...

Ironically enough, I've actually done less reading this time around than even before! I've just been extrememly "lucky" to run across this information without looking for it. I am continuously reminding myself that when push comes to shove (so to speak)--I really won't care WHAT is going on--just so long as it is over with!