Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dads--You Are Very Important

In a way you probably didn't imagine. I find that this actually bears out in my own experience. My father (though not particularly academic himself) always shared his love of science, science fiction, progress, man's great engineering accomplishments, star gazing, and hopes that someday I might become an astronaut with me from the time I was little all the way into high school. I chose mechanical engineering as a major partially because it was likely to be more lucrative than art but mostly because I always kept up my love of math and man's accomplishments that I know I can attribute completely to my father.

I am always thrilled to see my husband sharing star-gazing, wood-working projects, science experiments, and continuous learning with our girls. It is still just as important as the girls grow older.


weston said...

I try to spend a fair amount of time with my two daughters, in the hopes that the patter/habit will stick. Right now they are 2 and a half years and 5 months old.
My two and a half year old already wants to come to work with me and misses me sorely when I'm gone.
Hopefully my good academic habits rub off on them.

Dana said...

I agree. I see how much my children thrive under their father's attention when he makes the time for them. Even when it is just taking them out to weed the garden.

Kim said...

Thanks for leaving comments.

Now that I'm staying at home, I can see how we need to work as a couple to keep dad involved. Dad does bed time--even when the kids beg for me--because Dad has been gone all day and wants to spend time with them (well, maybe it's that I want him to spend time with them). The kids love doing things with Dad--especially the outdoor stuff that I'm not into (sleeping in the tent, fishing, stargazing, nature hikes).

It is so wonderful to understand how important both parents are. Sometimes I see wives degrading their husbands (another child to take care of, etc) and think how much they are missing!

Keep up the good work!