Thursday, July 05, 2007

Daddy's Love Star Wars and Their Babies Too

This guy was spotted at a Star Wars gathering. His stroller was so impressive for those geeky Star Wars afficionado fathers, that they posted the picture of the stroller and then numerous posts detailing the details and trying to figure out who the guy was. They were able to catch up with the father, Rick Russo. has a great post up. It not only discusses how the stroller mod was made, but the importance of embracing fatherhood. I've been very lucky compared to some others I know. My husband takes a great deal of interest in how the kids are raised and believes that fatherhood is just as much about parenting as motherhood. He never considers spending time with the kids to be a punishment for him. He will take the kids on errands, take them fishing by himself, make s'mores, starwatch, and sleep outside too. He wants to know what the educational plans are, what we do in our spare time and also has suggestions.

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