Tuesday, July 10, 2007

China has a Punishment for Tainted Food

Execution! According to Consumerist, the New York Times is reporting that China has executed a food and drug regulator for taking bribes and approving tainted food.

Mr. Zheng, who had appealed his May 29 sentence on the grounds that it was too severe and that he had confessed to the bribery charges against him, became the first ministerial-level official put to death since 2000 and only the fourth since China opened it doors to the outside world nearly 30 years ago.

The official Xinhua news agency announced the execution but did not say how Mr. Zheng was killed. In most cases, court police execute prisoners by shooting them in the back of the head, though recently police have also used lethal injections.

So not only did they kill this member of government for criminality while performing his job, he's NOT the only one! They've killed four in 30 years! I guess that would be like executing Bill Clinton for getting a blow job in the white house and Randy Cunningham for taking bribes.

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