Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What My Eight Year-Old Learned from History

As I reported below, my eldest daughter took the Remote History Program through the Van Damme Academy. This year's program covered European history. Mr. Powell started with the Roman Empire and went all the way through to the modern age and the European Union.

I wasn't sure that my daughter would gain a lot from the study of modern Europe. The following story illustrates how well she understood it!

We have recently adopted a stray cat from the area. We already had two cats and they are quite indignant at this intruder. It has gotten to the level of a three-way cat fight with fur, literally, flying. Elisa loves to protect the cats from each other. She started escorting the cats past one another. At some point, exasperated with this behavior, I asked her what she thought she was doing. She looks at me, then says "Mom, I'm making sure the cats stay in a cold war. A cold war is where they just stare at each other. A hot war is where they actually fight."

The history program has changed and is now offered exclusively through Scott Powell at HistoryatOurHouse.com.

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