Saturday, June 30, 2007


Flip-flops that are held on through adhesive have no strap. What a great idea. I can't wear flip-flops due to my hideously deformed feet (well, maybe not truly deformed, but too wide for flip-flops) but I could wear these! Forget about flip-flop tan lines. Never mind about that weird irritation between the toes while you get used to wearing flip-flops all the time. I wonder if it feels weird to have your toes glued in place instead of being able to move freely.

If your feet stick so well to them, what else will become an uninvited non-flipping, non-flopping resident? Sand from the beach? Bits of grass? Friendly little six-legged passengers?

They have them for men and women and here's a link to an on-line store followed by a video demo. Let's not forget the joy of large pieces of double-sided adhesive on those flip-flops whose straps are no longer performing to their previous level of service.

I see that the video doesn't work so here's the link to Google video.

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