Monday, June 25, 2007

Road Games

Want a new game to keep the kids busy on the road? My husband came up with one. He didn't do it for any other reason than to torture his daughter!

We've all heard of punch buggies (yeah--of course you have! It's the game where, whenever you spot a Volkswagon Beetle, you punch the person next to you and say "punch buggy [insert color here]" and, optionally, "no punch backs" just in case the person you punched knows some reason why they can punch you back. I never did understand that part). Well, even with the advent of the newest buggies, they're still quite scarce.

The impish part of my husband was not satisfied with being able to hit his kids once or twice a weak. He wanted more violence! So he expanded the game.

Pinch buggies--original army Jeeps. Pinch the person next to you and say "Pinch Buggy [insert color here]" and, again, for who knows what reason, "No Pinch Backs". I wonder if any of the kids could get this one right?

Wedgie buggies--Hummers. Any version of Hummer will do, basically because you can't tell them apart. You say "Wedgie buggy [insert color here]." "No wedgie backs" sounds awfully odd, so maybe not needed? Perhaps after some clever kid figures out that you can punch back and pinch back they'll discover they can wedgie back if you're not cautious. IMPORTANT NOTE: Wegies are NOT, I repeat NOT, applied while driving (unless the driver isn't playing) and are a delayed punishment reserved for the trip finale. I think the suspense is part of the fun.

My youngest daughter is not the violent type, so we forgo the physical punishment and stick with trying to find the types of vehicles first. We still say the words, just dispose of the bruises.

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Sandeep said...

We have been using the term pinch buggy for a while (about 5 years now). We invented it for a different vehicle the PT Cruiser. Not many original jeeps around here.
Sandeep Aggarwal (Calgary)