Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Right to Life Includes Choice to End It

A heartbreaking story in the Daily Mail. A mother accompanies her daughter to Zurich so the daughter can end her life legally. The daughter had advanced multiple sclerosis.
...opponents argue that euthanasia is open to abuse and is an affront to the concept of the sanctity of life

Only someone who believes that one's life is not one's own could be against people being able to choose how to end it. Most religions believe that a person's life belongs to a god or gods. Many countries believe a person's life belongs to the State (how else to justify conscription).

During the Terry Schiavo debate so many peope who were against her being taken off food and water stated "you wouldn't do that to an animal. You wouldn't let an animal suffer that way." And they are right. We recognize how inhumane it is to have an animal suffer through the ravages of disease. It's time we realize that human deserve at least as much respect.

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